Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vertical Green Menu

Last time i was explained about Horizontal Menu wiyh CSS, and now i will give you a good menu in vertical line. This menu for replace in the sidebar, but before you get this menu you must look the demo, please click at the button below :

I like this menu because i love green color, so cool. Do you like it to? OK, if you same with me please follow the instruction below :

Step 1 ;
  1. Sign in to blogger with your ID

  2. Click layout tab

  3. Click Edit HTML tab

  4. Click Download Full Template, save your template for backup data

  5. Place this CSS code above ]]></b:skin>

  6. Click Save Template button

Step 2 :
  1. Click Page Element tab

  2. Click Add a Page Element

  3. Click ADD TO BLOG button below Javascript/HTML

  4. Copy and paste the code below in to the element

  5. Click SAVE button

  6. Click and hold the new element and drag to place where you want

  7. Click SAVE button

  8. Finish

You must change the links with your own links. Ok, have a nice day for you.


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